Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sponsors Page

Here we will outline our much appreciated sponsors, and include website links, and suggested CoC purchases.
Too Fat Lardies make the Chain of Command Rules that we play. They also provide many other rulesets, tokens and dice. You need what they have got! They will providing some vouchers so you can get other campaign packs, or maybe give them to firends so they can buy their own copy of the rules and spread the love!
Aetherworks sell miniatures, tokens, terrain, magazine subscriptions and books related to the hobby. If you are into 15mm Chain of Command, they are the distributor of Flames of War in Australia, so are a good source of miniatures and scenery for this scale. Their sponsorship includes something to make the CoC tables look better, and will make some lucky winners tables look better: They are providing multiple pieces of scenery that we will give away as prizes at the end of the tournament!
Merino Games stock minatures, paints and unusal games. Merino Games are offering a Rubicon 28mm Scale Sd.Kfz. 161 Panzer IV.
Mandertory Minaitures provide terrain and painting services. They will provide a voucher.
JTFM - Die Waffenkammer have the Finest in 1/56 Scale WW II Tanks, Vehicles, & 28mm Accessories. Resin vehicles to flesh out your supprt choices. They will provide a prize.
"WarTime Miniatures is an Australian based maker of white metal WWII and modern figures including a range of 28mm Australians for WWII.  We also stock figures and kits from makers such as the 28mm WWII vehicles made by Army Group North." They are offering an Australian Platoon pack along with an AGN and BA vehicle. 

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