Monday, December 8, 2014

Test Tournament

A test Tournament will be run in Canberra on December 27th for those who have registered to play, a few friends, and some of  those who ask nicely. It will be held in an air conditioned venue in Spence, Canberra. Strictly six players only.

It will be a test of the proposed players pack. After that experience, any needed modifications will be incorporated and then the players pack released.

If you are interested please PM me on Facebook or email via

Only two spots remain.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sample Tournament Rounds Analysis



1) US Armoured Rifle Platoon +4
2) Soviet Green Infantry Platoon -7
3) British Elite Airborne Platoon +8


A) German Green Infantry Platoon -5
B) German Regular Panzergrenadiers +1
c) German Elite Fallschirmjager +10


US (0) v Panz (3) ALLIES
Brit (2) v Fall (0) DRAW
Sov (2) v Inf (0) ALLIES

Allies 2 VP, Axis 0 VP.


Allies choose to shift left
Axis call for light support.The result is allies one vp, and each axis player get 2 support.
Each side gains 4 Support.
3b, 2c, 1a
Brit (0 + 4) v Panz (7 + 4) Allies
Sov (17 + 4) v Fall (0 + 4) Draw
US (0 + 4) v Infantry (9 + 4) Axis
Allies 4VP , Axis 1 VP


The Axis feel the game is getting away from them, so they call for heavy support. They get lucky and get 6 support for only 1 vp to the Allies.
Sov (8 + 5) v Panz (0 + 16) AXIS
US (6 + 5) V Fall (0 + 16)  AXIS
Brit (0 + 5) V Inf (13 + 16) AXIS
Allies 5 VP, Axis 4 VP, and the sides are back at it tomorrow.

Everyone's day:

The US have faced slightly against, heavily against, and almost even.
Soviets Greens have had low support, huge support for, and support against!
The Brits have faced slight for, medium against, and heavy against.

The Infantry have faced lightly against, moderately for, and heavily for.
The Panzers have faced lightly for,  medium for, and almost even.
The elite Fall have faced light against, heavy against, and moderate for.

CanCoC 2015 PROPOSED Scenario Pack


Players:  The individuals who sign up to play, and bring an army.
Sides: Each Player will be assigned to one of the sides,  Allies or Axis.
Aggressor & Reactor :  The sides start neutral. Whoever has more victory points is the Aggressor.  Whoever has less is the Reactor. This can change during the tournament.
Victory Points: When players win or lose scenarios, their side wins or loses victory points. If HQ decide help is needed, they can give the opposition victory points and gain extra support assets. See “Call for Support.”


Saturday 09.00 - 11.30
The Patrol, Book Scenario One.

Strategy Plan:

All Axis and Allies opponents will be chosen by a combination of organised challenge, historic matchup and random rolls. Tables will be assigned at random.


Calculate support for Relative Platoon Strengths
No extra support.
Lists 1 & 2 may be used.

Strategic Result:

The aggressor will be chosen by the side with the highest Victory Point Score
Team Results: One Victory point for a win, zero for a draw, -1 for a loss.


Saturday 12.30 - 15.00
The Flank Attack, Book Scenario Five

Strategic Plan:

Aggressor will choose whether to flank left or right. If Axis chooses left, all Allies stay on their table - All Axis players move one table left.


Calculate Support for Relative Platoon Strengths.
Aggressors add 4 Support Points.
Reactors side add 2 support points.
Reactor  may call for support.

Strategic Results:

Team Results: One Victory point for a win, zero for a draw, -1 for a loss.
Whichever side holds the most victory points is the Aggressor.


Saturday 15.30 - 18.00
Attack and Defend, Book Scenario Three

Strategic Plan:

The defenders have called up lots of support assets. They want to get back into the fight. Tables will be assigned by the T.O.


Calculate support points for relative Platoon strengths.
The Reactors add 10 support points.
The Aggressors add 5 support points.
The Aggressors can call for support.

Strategic Results:

Team Results: One Victory point for a win, zero for a draw, -1 for a loss.
Whichever side holds the most victory points is the Aggressor.


Sunday 09.00 - 11.30
Probe, Book Scenario Two

Strategic Plan:

The Aggressor wants to keep the attack rolling. Tables will be assigned by the T.O.


Calculate Support for Relative Platoon Strengths.
The Aggressor adds two support points.
The Reactor adds zero support points.
The Reactor may call for support.

Strategic Results:

Team Results: One Victory point for a win, zero for a draw, -1 for a loss.
Whichever side holds the most victory points is the Aggressor.


Sunday 12.30 - 15.00
A Delaying Action, Book Scenario Four.

Strategic Plan:

The Reactors have laid an elaborate ruse, and the Aggressors have rushed right in. The Reactors have a surprising amount of support, and are trying to throw back the Aggressors


Calculate Support for Relative Platoon Strengths.
Reactors are the scenario ‘attackers’ add eight points of support
The Aggressors are the scenario ‘defenders’ and add four points of support
The Aggressors can call for support.

Strategic Results:

Team Results: One Victory point for a win, zero for a draw, -1 for a loss.
Whichever side holds the most victory points is the Aggressor.


Sunday 15.30 - 18.00
Attack on an objective, Book Scenario Six

Strategic Plan:

The aggressors make the final push for the win.


Calculate Support for Relative Platoon Strengths.
The Aggressors adds seven support points
The Reactor adds three support points.
Support cannot be called.

Strategic Results:

Team Results: One Victory point for a win, -1 for a loss.
Whichever side holds the most victory points is the overall victor.


Allied and Axis HQ will send support to sectors that are in trouble. They will send support assets as they can. They will also listen to a 'call for support'. If you want more support assets available, you can call, and HQ might even listen.
Calling for support has three levels – Light, medium, and heavy.
Calling for support will give the enemy Victory Points, and your troops support points.
There are several levels of unknown variable that will not be communicated to the HQ or the Players. Minimum support points per player will be two, maximum support points will be eight.
Victory points granted to the enemy will also be unknown and unknowable.


 A query was made to know the maximum differential in support for two sides.
The most extreme case possible would be:
Soviet Green Infantry V Elite Fallschirmjager (+17)
In addition to
Scenario Three: inevitable counterattack where the Aggressors call for heavy support and get maximum (+13)
For a total of 30 support.
Where the Soviets would get 30 support and the Fallschirmjager would get 10 support.

Minimum Support to Bring: 15 points.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Introduction to Cancon Chain of Command 2015

Introduction to Cancon Chain of Command 2015


Hi! I'm Bart, and I'll be your Chain of Command (CoC) Tournament Organiser (TO) this year.

Helping me with this mad endeavour is Tournament Assistant (TA) Blair Oakley.

After discussion with multiple CoC players, I thought it was time for a new format. It will be a multiple players and multiple games format.

I have chosen late war lists from the main rule book as the primary lists, and the gaming tables will be set with European scenery.

There will be 3 games on Saturday and 3 games on Sunday with the possibility of a non-tournament Big CoC game of Sunday evening with those who are keen.

Each game will have set objectives, and after your force balancing support points, there will be a bidding process for further support points. Each point you bid, is a point to the enemy!

Over the six games, your efforts will affect the overall result, which will be an Axis V Allies conflict.

Miniatures will be 28mm infantry figures, and matching scale support choices.

All figures and support choices must be painted and WYSIWYG.


I break the illusion when you do. Out of game unpreparedness has in game results. For example: unpainted platoons are unable to call for support. Unpainted support options cost more support points to call. Non WYSIWYG painted support cost more to call. At least 2 additional support points. Get your painting done! There will be a limited pool of generic support options (barbed wire, mines, trenches) available for loan.

I don't have the right army!: If you do not have a late war European force, but do have a painted army with support, please feel free to bring you platoon and your list, and mention this when you register. We will make every effort to best handicap and match everyone's lists and preferences. There are already multiple offers of loaner armies. If you can't get your painting finished, there are options!

I want historical match ups only!: Please make this clear when you register, and we will do our best to ensure this happens. It should be possible.

Opponents who have multiple armies may bring them, and may have an Axis and an Allies army to help balance forces, ensure more historical matchups, etc.


There will be certificates for best general, best painted etc. The trophy will be awarded for best sportsman. Prize support for our sponsors will be given via random draw. There will be a random prize draw for those registered by November 26th, and another for December 26th .We hope to have a token set for every player.

Sign up here

Sign up here:

Go to
Tournaments/ Events
then scroll down to
Chain of Command

What is CGS and what is Cancon

Canberra Gaming Society are a long running club of gamers with many and varied gaming interests, which they outline on their website.

Cancon is the gaming convention run in Canberra by the CGS for many, many years. It is free to the public, and has thousands of visitors each year who come to buy from over 50 very well stocked shops. I would estimate their are close to 1000 registered gamers, with miniatures, board games and card games well represented.

Chain of Command has been played as a demonstration game for three years running. This is the first year it will be run as a tournament AND as a demonstration game.

Sponsors Page

Here we will outline our much appreciated sponsors, and include website links, and suggested CoC purchases.
Too Fat Lardies make the Chain of Command Rules that we play. They also provide many other rulesets, tokens and dice. You need what they have got! They will providing some vouchers so you can get other campaign packs, or maybe give them to firends so they can buy their own copy of the rules and spread the love!
Aetherworks sell miniatures, tokens, terrain, magazine subscriptions and books related to the hobby. If you are into 15mm Chain of Command, they are the distributor of Flames of War in Australia, so are a good source of miniatures and scenery for this scale. Their sponsorship includes something to make the CoC tables look better, and will make some lucky winners tables look better: They are providing multiple pieces of scenery that we will give away as prizes at the end of the tournament!
Merino Games stock minatures, paints and unusal games. Merino Games are offering a Rubicon 28mm Scale Sd.Kfz. 161 Panzer IV.
Mandertory Minaitures provide terrain and painting services. They will provide a voucher.
JTFM - Die Waffenkammer have the Finest in 1/56 Scale WW II Tanks, Vehicles, & 28mm Accessories. Resin vehicles to flesh out your supprt choices. They will provide a prize.
"WarTime Miniatures is an Australian based maker of white metal WWII and modern figures including a range of 28mm Australians for WWII.  We also stock figures and kits from makers such as the 28mm WWII vehicles made by Army Group North." They are offering an Australian Platoon pack along with an AGN and BA vehicle. 

About Chain of Command

About Chain of Command

This is where I will have all the links that explain what CoC is and where to download the rules, the youtube channel, etc.

Players Pack

When the players pack is written it will be here.

The current proposed players pack will be tested in a invitational practice tournament on December 27th. How do you get an invite? Register early enough!