Thursday, September 4, 2014

Introduction to Cancon Chain of Command 2015

Introduction to Cancon Chain of Command 2015


Hi! I'm Bart, and I'll be your Chain of Command (CoC) Tournament Organiser (TO) this year.

Helping me with this mad endeavour is Tournament Assistant (TA) Blair Oakley.

After discussion with multiple CoC players, I thought it was time for a new format. It will be a multiple players and multiple games format.

I have chosen late war lists from the main rule book as the primary lists, and the gaming tables will be set with European scenery.

There will be 3 games on Saturday and 3 games on Sunday with the possibility of a non-tournament Big CoC game of Sunday evening with those who are keen.

Each game will have set objectives, and after your force balancing support points, there will be a bidding process for further support points. Each point you bid, is a point to the enemy!

Over the six games, your efforts will affect the overall result, which will be an Axis V Allies conflict.

Miniatures will be 28mm infantry figures, and matching scale support choices.

All figures and support choices must be painted and WYSIWYG.


I break the illusion when you do. Out of game unpreparedness has in game results. For example: unpainted platoons are unable to call for support. Unpainted support options cost more support points to call. Non WYSIWYG painted support cost more to call. At least 2 additional support points. Get your painting done! There will be a limited pool of generic support options (barbed wire, mines, trenches) available for loan.

I don't have the right army!: If you do not have a late war European force, but do have a painted army with support, please feel free to bring you platoon and your list, and mention this when you register. We will make every effort to best handicap and match everyone's lists and preferences. There are already multiple offers of loaner armies. If you can't get your painting finished, there are options!

I want historical match ups only!: Please make this clear when you register, and we will do our best to ensure this happens. It should be possible.

Opponents who have multiple armies may bring them, and may have an Axis and an Allies army to help balance forces, ensure more historical matchups, etc.


There will be certificates for best general, best painted etc. The trophy will be awarded for best sportsman. Prize support for our sponsors will be given via random draw. There will be a random prize draw for those registered by November 26th, and another for December 26th .We hope to have a token set for every player.

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